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On this episode, Karen puts Kathleen in the hot seat and continues the conversation about using Facebook Groups for your wellness business. You’ll learn simple strategies on how to market your Facebook Group and fill it with your ideal clients.

Since Facebook groups allow you to reach people on a more personal level than you can on your Facebook page, having a community where people can come together can be a really powerful tool. Your group gives people the chance to know you and discover who you are and what you’re about which makes the transition from potential client to returning client super easy.

Here are Kathleen’s 8 Tips to Market and Fill your Facebook Group:

  1. Post about your group on ALL of your social media sites, and explain the benefits of joining and who exactly the group is for. Posts that include an image tend to get more reach, so include the image of your group cover image, or another graphic that represents what your group is about (or who it’s for).
  2. Invite your current email subscribers to join your new group. Include a link to the group so it’s easy for them to click and join right away.
  3. Add a tab on your website that takes them directly to your Facebook Group where they can request to join.
  4. Use your thank you pages as an invitation to your group. Once someone has opted in to your freebie, include a link to your Facebook group where you invite them into your community and group.
  5. Create a Facebook post about your group and pin it to the top of your business page. That way, the top post on your business page is an invitation to join your group (this is the first post people will see when they go to your page).
  6. Use the power of Facebook Live to invite viewers to join your group. They’re already on Facebook, so they don’t have to click out of the platform and it doesn’t feel like a sales push. Each livestream should only have 1 call to action, so every now and then make that call to action be about joining your Facebook Group!
  7. Include a link to your Facebook Group in your blog posts or in your newsletters. Invite them to the group at the end of a blog post or newsletter with an eye catching image that gets them intrigued about joining your group.
  8. Run Facebook ads promoting your Facebook Group. You’ll have to create a post on your business page and then boost that particular post. You do want to define who you want to show that ad to so it only pops up for your target audience, so be sure to select the audience you want to see your ad. 

BONUS TIP: Invite people to join your Facebook Group in the very first email that goes out to new email subscribers.

You’ll also discover the top mistakes to avoid as well as how to sell in your group without coming off as salesy or pushy.

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