Show Notes

In this episode Karen and Kathleen sit down with Lori Kennedy, founder of the Wellness Business Hub to discuss the perfect formula for a successful product, program, or service launch.

Lori is a mom, nutritionist, lady boss, and brains behind the Wellness Business Academy. Lori breaks down the key elements for a successful pre launch, live launch, and post launch of your product. You’ll learn why you need a content calendar, how to use Facebook Live during your pre-launch, why you should “edu-tain” your audience, and maximize your real time availability. Learn little-known copywriting strategies that have the biggest impact on your sales page and launch emails.

This episode is PACKED with gold nuggets of valuable information you can use to dramatically improve your next launch.

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Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

Program Launch Guide (Lori’s 55 page step-by-step eBook)


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