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Show Notes

In this episode, Karen and Kathleen welcome Lisa Fraley, an acclaimed attorney, legal coach, speaker and #1 Best Selling Author.

Lisa shares some legal love as they discuss need-to-know legal topics to empower and protect your health and wellness business from liability.

You’ll learn how to utilize written client agreements, terms of use, liability insurance, and much more. Lisa shares the 5 words you don’t want to use unless you’re a licensed medical professional.

You’ll hear great insights on laws pertaining to gathering a client’s personal health and recommendations for instrumental resources like the Center for Nutritional Advocacy who monitors dietetic laws.

Want to know what to do to stay within the laws where you live, and avoid being fined or shut down? Be sure to listen to this episode.

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Lisa’s book Easy Legal Steps…that Are Also Good for Your Soul: 7 Steps to go from Stuck & Scared of the Law to Confident & Empowered can be found on Amazon.

Lisa’s free course (when you use the coupon code below):

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