Show Notes

When it comes to Facebook engagement, there are so many factors that go into the Facebook algorithm that decides who to give more impressions to. According to Amanda Bond, this week’s guest, it’s ALL about the engagement on the post itself. Amanda is the Owner of The Ad Strategist, creator of The Strategy System and has been dubbed a “Facebook Advertising Genius” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

There’s been a lot of panic over the new Facebook algorithm, but as Amanda will tell us, we have nothing to fear and everything to gain by taking advantage of these changes now! Listen in as Amanda gives us great advice on how to boost Facebook engagement and how to get a better bang for your buck with Facebook advertising.

In this episode we talk about…

  • Building custom audiences on Facebook
  • Why getting engagement on your posts is more important than likes and shares
  • Finding out what types of posts get more engagement
  • How live streaming fits into the Facebook marketing strategy
  • Running Ads in Facebook and analyzing the results

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