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Show Notes

The holiday season is upon us! Not only is it a time for friends and family, but it’s also the most lucrative time of the year for business owners. From the beginning of November to mid-January, consumers and your ideal clients will be shifting their mindset to losing weight, getting good deals, and finding coupons. This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to show up in your ideal clients’ inbox and social media feed with content that promotes your brand, products, and promotions.

On this episode, we are discussing the ins and outs of how to set up your holiday promotion to achieve maximum results. We are laying out our 5 Step Holiday Promotion Blueprint so you can support your ideal clients with your programs and services before and after the new year!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Brainstorming promotional materials for the holiday season
  • Setting goals for your holiday promotion
  • Strategies to warm up your audience and get them excited about your promotion
  • Reverse engineering your promotion and launch schedule
  • What to include in your promotion

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