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Show Notes

In past episodes, we’ve covered how to structure discovery sessions, but we hadn’t yet covered how to handle objections… until now! If you’re not getting a ‘yes’ from a prospective client, that means that they have some sort of objection to what you are offering. Once you learn how to uncover and address those objections, you will be able to get a lot more clients saying ‘yes’ to working with you.

This episode’s guest, Peter Frumenti, is the perfect expert to cover this topic. Peter and his company, Sales Team Six, teaches experts how to make more sales through powerful and authentic conversations. For most of us, sales talk can feel awkward, uncomfortable, and “sales-y” but as Peter tell us, it’s all about your mindset.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The key to a successful sales call
  • How mindset plays a part in the sales conversation
  • Peter’s own journey overcoming objections
  • Providing clarity and listening to prospective clients
  • The most important things for coaches to focus on during sales calls

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