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Show Notes

This episode of The Wellness Business Podcast will give you some great ideas for the new year on how to get in front of new people and get clients! This episode is all about workshops. Workshops are how Kathleen grew her own health coaching business back in 2011. For a straight year, Kathleen hosted workshops once a month, and during that time, she grew her email list from zero to 2,000 ideal client subscribers. It was an intentional strategy that required consistency and it worked really well, and you can do it too!

Our guest on this episode is Heather Woodruff, and she has taken the workshop strategy to an entirely new level. She is sharing how she has used workshops to generate revenue, grow her email list, and enroll new one-on-one coaching clients into her program.         

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The benefits of understanding your ideal client, marketing message, and specific niche
  • How to use a call to action to begin your workshop
  • In person events vs. online events
  • Transitioning from free workshops to paid workshops and how to price your workshop
  • Heather’s Top 3 Tips for Workshop Success
  • Heather’s mindset and confidence before and after becoming a coach
  • Outreach strategy to build your workshop opportunities

If you wish you knew how to use workshops to get more clients in the new year, be sure to tune into this episode, because we are breaking it all down for you!

Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

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