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Show Notes

This episode is Part 2 of our two-part, high-value series on how to use bonuses to boost your program’s sales, so be sure to go back and listen to Episode 87 if you haven’t already! In Part 2, we’re breaking down which bonuses are right for your program and how to strategically package and position your offer for the greatest number of sales.

Just like Part 1, we highly recommend listening to this whole episode once and then listen a second time to take notes and start planning how to use these strategies for your program. Also, don’t forget to click and download the amazing resource we’ve created to help you determine your bonus package for your next program!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • 4 Questions to determine if your bonus is intentional and supports your core program
  • How bonuses can help decrease buyer’s remorse and refund requests
  • 4 Ways clients benefit from the combined resource of your program and bonus package
  • Different types of bonuses to use for your sales campaign
  • The importance of building your bonuses as your program grows and changes
  • Why you should be clear about your bonus delivery schedule
  • Options for how to deliver bonuses to your clients
  • The benefits of affiliate or joint-venture bonuses
  • Action items to help you easily use bonuses in your program   

Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

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