Karen Pattock

Karen is an International Business Coach and Educator specializing in Online Client Attraction using Webinars and Facebook Marketing.

She’s a self-proclaimed ‘Marketing Geek’ that is completely addicted to the power of webinars. She could talk webinar strategies, email list growth, video live streaming, proven sales tools and program development all day every day.

She’s known as the “In The Trenches” Coach because she not only teaches her clients the ‘what’ of online marketing, she also dives into the ‘how’, making sure each action step is clearly defined and easy to implement.

Karen has created several online marketing programs in which she openly shares her marketing knowledge and expertise with Coaches and Consultants around the world, so they can quickly shorten their learning curve with what’s working right now to build a successful online business.

You can learn more about Karen at www.karenpattock.com

Kathleen LeGrys

Kathleen is a mentor and trusted resource to thousands of wellness professionals.

She loves to share simple business strategies that will result in the biggest results while cutting through the fluff, so you can side step costly mistakes, and fast track your growth.

Launching The Wellness Business Podcast has been a labor of love, and she’s excited about sharing weekly tips and strategies you can use in your own practice.

Kathleen’s done-for-you programs are used by health coaches, fitness trainers, naturopathic doctors, and other wellness professionals around the world to empower them to change lives on a global scale.

You can learn more about Kathleen at healthcoachsolutions.net

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